Drum Lessons for Ages 6 and Up

We have a large soundproofed drum room complete with drum kit and audio playback system for our students to play their hearts out! Our drum lessons and instructors teach rock, metal, Jazz, funk, blues and many other styles of percussion. All our drummers bring in the favorite beats to learn and we highly encourage learning drum theory and sight reading. In San Diego, our drummers regularly get the opportunity to perform in our student concerts as well as outside projects referred by our school. You don't need a full drum set to get started. For $50 you can purchase a set of practice pads and sticks and be well on your way. Students use our kit at their lessons and only have to bring their sticks and lesson book.

U.S. Music Lessons

17150 Via del Campo,

San Diego, CA 92127

Phone. 858-451-7265

Email. info@usmusiclessons.com