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So you’ve been practicing your instrument. learning songs, scales, how to read. What now? Most practicing musicians come to a point where they actually want to take that next step and get involved with a cool musical project. U.S. Music Lessons has the perfect way to find band-mates, rehearse, and eventually put on a great musical event, because you know that a great rock show can change the world, even if its only for a few hours!

Our year round band development program Rock Band Camp takes you to a whole new level of fun and musicianship. Some of my most rewarding life experiences have come from playing in a band and putting on countless professional gigs. You learn teamwork, performance skills, equipment management and operation and so many other life lessons like dealing successfully with other people, preparation, confidence, and public presentation. When you sign up for Rock Band Camp you are joining in an experience that is enriching and satisfying in so many ways .

Imagine how it would feel to get together with other musicians to prepare some cool songs and then get on stage and nail it ! Well thats what this program is all about .We want to encourage all of our students to at least try this out for a semester.

When you sign up, in addition to your weekly private lessons, you will be teamed up with other musicians in the program that have similar tastes in music and start working with them right away to develop material for your show. Twice a month, you will get together in the Jam room for an hour to work out the material with your own gigging professional band development leader, who will guide and direct the project and help you to deliver a ”Killer“ show!!

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